Geometry, Consciousness and Architecture 3000 for Learning Spaces


It is early morning. The air is still a little fresh, but the sun is already shining and warming up the beautiful garden of the kindergarten. Mary and Heather, the two teachers who actually founded the establishment years ago, are arriving at school.

- “Can you guess what the kids did yesterday? They built an icosahedron from scratch and then even started building a “geodesic dome” to play in!” Mary exclaimed enthusiastically.
- “What?? Yes, Mary, they are amazing, aren’t they?” answers Heather admiring the entrance of the kindergarten
decorated with a colourful Flower of Life. “In my own class I saw them working with a table of 70 geometrical figures. How come they are so interested in Geometry?”.....

Education is the most powerful tool to generate changes. As Educatiooon 3000 (Pedagooogia 3000® in Spanish) and Architects 3000 Network, our goal with this book is to provide some practical tips as a tool box, for the exploration of the benefits of Geometry, especially Universal Geometry in schools.

Ambassador Schools for Peace, v2020

Imagine a school with no bullying. Everyone greets each other, they are happy and they respect each other. Each student demonstrates self-esteem, speaks positively, helps each other.

Imagine teachers who are relaxed and smiling...
Imagine a green school, with flowers, music and rhythms, a Peace flag flying at the entrance ...
It is possible, absolutely possible ...

This book gives you the steps of how to achieve it and make each student an Ambassador for Peace.
Peace in oneself, Peace with others, Peace with Nature, Peace in the World.

The Children of Today and Tomorrow

Scientific contributions about the physiological, psycho-emotional
and neurological changes of children
and the education they need.

There is a strong global movement in search of new methods of medical attention and education, for the formation of a new society. We need to get involved. We also see more and more children and youths, dedicated to this transformation, who do not always enter in these
traditional molds of the societies, but they have a message of tolerance and love. We need to pay close attention to them. With them we will see a spontaneous awakening of gifts on infinite levels.

The Education of the FUTURE Now! v2018

We are all -in some way or another- part of and responsible for co-creating a new Education.
And we welcome you, dear readers, friends, colleagues, young people, agents of change, active dreamers, dreaming activists, co-creators, (if you believe it, you create it) who hold this book in their hands, turning the pages of their own lives, their own history and society... honouring the pages of the past, the present and the future, activating the pages of the heart, transforming the pages of Life to their next stage, opening more space for goodness, comprehension, wisdom and love.
We are all part of this Humanity in constant evolution, going forward with more conscience, preparing for a quantum leap, preparing for more Love, preparing for the next homo.
We invite you to walk these pages together, to dream again, and to co-create solutions, to find ways to help and accompany the children, babies and young people harmoniously. It is our compromise and promise to them, for the world and for us. Welcome to your own heart!
As we indicated, every chapter of this book The Education of the FUTURE, now! begins with a novel which tells us about the adventures of Anku and Anka, two children who changed their own Education.


The 7 Petal School

This book first presents what is the 7 Petal School, describing for each petals (ordomains), curriculum and architectural proposals:
• Petal One, Physical and Kinetic Development
• Petal Two, Articulated Cognitive Development
• Petal Three, Social and Multicultural Development
• Petal Four, Aesthetic Development
• Petal Five, Ecological Development
• Petal Six, Hands-on Development
• Petal Seven, Personal Development
Then Universidad Mayor of Santiago, Chile, proposes a translation of the 7 pedagogical areas into a University environment.
After we will see how to implement what has been described before; seven concrete recommendations to start one’s own school, followed by seven ways to practice ‘wellbeing’for an harmonious and easy pedagogical transition; that is to say, which attitude is needed in order to harmoniously realize the wished educational transition, and also seven axes of actions to impulse changes within and outside schools environment, with immediate responses.


What is happening with education?
Why do so many parents and teachers say they cannot handle the situation?
What kinds of tools do the psycho-pedagogues need for the children of today?
What does the arrival of these gifted children with special abilities mean to all of us?
How to build a new society where Being is more important than Having?
How can we return to our essence?
How to emerge again with nature, Mother Earth and the cosmos?
Are we envisioning the birth of a new humanity?

These questions invite us to rethink a new educational-pedagogical proposal that will respond to the fundamental human needs that are emerging in today’s society, within a culturally diverse context of deep respect and peace, both outside and inside. This book includes scientific studies and direct observations of over seven years of multidisciplinary research, experiences and testimonies in over more than fifteen countries, and it provides practical tools and solutions that are easy to implement and adapt according to each context, aiming to co-create a New Integral Education of Being.
This text has been designed for teachers, parents, therapists and professionals who wish to pursue a different education, an education which is more humane, relevant to each child or young person. Obviously, each reader can extend and apply the information from their own knowledge, needs, cultural and ecological environment and according to their own dreams.