22 Easy Steps
For an Integral Education
A World Wide Peace Culture
Honoring our cultures and ecologies, actively projecting the future
and fully living in the present


Ladies and Gentlemen Country Leaders of the World
Education and Culture Ministers of the World:

It is an honor and pleasure delivering this letter and presenting to you 22 Easy and Practical Steps to help with defining an educational structure which allows a substantial improvement in the educational systems and of society as a whole.

As members of Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne, worldwide link for A New Education, our objective and desire is to selflessly collaborate in all that may benefit and support an Education renovation at a global level.

  • Because of the enormous responsibility that the Governments and Education and Culture Ministers face in terms of their respective Educational Systems.
  • For the billions of children and young adults that must be understood and attended -  within their complete dignity.
  • Because of the fast neurophysiologic, psycho-emotional and cognitive changes in today’s children and young adults, according to the reports of so many pediatricians and neurologists as well as psychologists and pedagogies.
  • Because of the fast changes within society itself, technology, and the media and for this millennium’s peace and solidarity paradigms.
  • And for the innate desire of human beings towards fulfillment and personal and global peace.

Respectfully and from the heart, within the following, we suggest simple techniques that can substantially improve educational systems within your respective country, lowering school abandonment and failure, and gaining happy, efficient and creative people in all the educational institutions.

PHASE I: SHORT TERM and urgently
Transition Emergency Education, TEE

  1. Provide anti-stress techniques for parents, professors and school administrative personnel.

A relaxed teacher is ten times more efficient and effective.

  1. Allow anti-tension exercises at least every 30 minutes, Brain Gym (educational kinesiology), dances and movements of all types, physical exercises and anti-stress techniques.

Thought is anchored with movement..

  1. Support all forms of art in all scholastic establishments.

Beauty and harmony are indispensable for a  human being’s development. They balance both brain hemispheres therefore increasing positive scholastic results.

  1. Encourage daily activities that develop Emotional Intelligence: listening circles, self-esteem, positive thinking, conscious breathing…

The Emotional Quotient is more important than the Intellectual Quotient in relation to success, performance and people’s quality of life.                

  1. Allowing the cognitive to be:  experimental, self-taught, practical, active and fun.

I learn doing, I learn discovering, I learn teaching.

  1. Offer a variety of multidisciplinary extracurricular workshops depending on students’ interest.

I can expand my knowledge according to my interests and talents.

  1. Support sports – as cooperative as possible – in all its forms according to the children’s and young adults’ preference:  soccer with breathing exercises, capoeira, martial arts, swimming, climbing, field trips, etc.

                                     Healthy body, healthy emotions, healthy mind, peaceful spirit.

  1. Develop applied ecology:  grow all kinds of plants and trees, recognize medicinal plants, create school orchards, a sustainable approach towards the environment in all educational centers, including pre-schools.

                                         Contact with the Earth has a healing quality and it teaches solidarity.

      9.    Eradicate physical and psychological abuse in all ages, mutual respect and dialogue prevailing.
                               It is hard for an abused child to learn and grow in a harmonious manner.

Integral Preventive Education, IPE

  1. Update Teacher’s Basic Education and Educational Science Departments:  in content, methodology and objectives.

                 XXI century education does not work with information from the XIX century.

  1. Design and implement an Education in Short Cycles for multi-disciplinary “workshoppers / pedagogic companions”, to support teachers, creating employment for young adults and providing a space for their pedagogic creativity.

Young adults are excellent pedagogues for today’s children.

  1. Support (including the legal aspect) parents, teachers or those responsible for schools that are offering educational experimental, alternative or complementary activities.

Education is a responsibility for all citizens.

  1. Change the traditional homework for project investigation, development and application, self-taught activities, didactic games and exhibits.

Boring homework from the past century is counterproductive.  It must be active, attractive, fun
and productive or else it should be - simply eliminated!

  1. Supplement exams with projects and exhibits that help in the evolution of each human being, society and the Planet.

Exams must reflect the student’s real aptitudes and must be multi-disciplinary considering all the Multiple Intelligences. 

  1. Create school plans and programs (curriculum) that are flexible and adjusted to reality.  Give more options to teachers and students in terms of what they wish to study.

New contents, new pedagogy, new methodology tools and new goals.

  1. Use and co-create audio-visual support and supplementary material in school proposals.

Knowledge enters through the eyes.

  1. Develop and implement integral interactive, multicultural and cooperative games.

Playfulness and cooperation will make children happy with a sense of solidarity, therefore creating a true Peace Culture.  

  1. Healthy food and nutrition pilot programs.  The children’s and young adult’s metabolic processes have changed…

A healthy meal helps everyone and effectively fights Hyperactivity and Attention Deficit (ADDH), along with daily sports.

  1. Ensure integral and fun physical education for at least one hour daily in all educational centers.  And systematic relaxation and internalization moments in schools (to be adapted according to the local culture).

Healthy body, healthy emotions, brilliant ideas.

  1. Provide feedback, create a methodology, and broaden that which was introduced in Phase I, accompanied by exchanges of experiences found in other countries.  Broaden the ecological piece and introduce Permaculture in scholastic establishments.

We learn reciprocally and constantly.

Socio-Multi-Education for all, SME

  1. The systematic creation of an integral educational system with the experience obtained from Phase II, achieving an integral, ecological, multicultural and productive education.  An insertion of neighborhood schools and different community institutions.  Education is broadened and extended to all ages and social sectors.

We are looking for an education where we all win, being happier and more creative.  Education is permanent, from the moment we are conceived until our last breath.

  1. A flexible and articulated curriculum, projects that are social, scientific, technical, ecological, productive and interacting with society.  The students are the main characters of their learning, with ethics, social, ecological and citizen consciousness.

                                                    Education is integral, otherwise it is not an education.

Governing leaders and Education and Culture Ministers

What we are proposing and pleading to be considered are concrete and practical steps with an easy implementation (it’s not about large and costly reforms), that can be taken on by citizens and the educational body with enthusiasm within their respective countries, so that together we may understand and address the current enormous childhood and youth potential.

Your support, commitment and vision for the future are absolutely necessary for a new humanity.  

  • Teachers from your country/region express their gratitude for having less stress and enjoying their vocation.
  • Parents express their gratitude for having the joy of jointly raising and educating their children from the heart.
  • Babies, children and young adults express their gratitude for having a space where they can be happy and creative.
  • And society in general thanks you for allowing future scientists, ecologists, artists, geopolititians, and other
    professionals to emerge, with ethics, commitment and solidarity.

We reiterate that the ever growing team of volunteer members of Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne, worldwide link for
A new education, stands faithfully committed to this task of co-educating new and different generations and reeducating
ourselves, everyone all together.
Our deepest and most sincere gratitude, wishing you complete success in your important missions and functions in
service of your people and countries.

For the children, young adults and those to come
      For a fraternal humanity
            For our planet Earth
                  For Peace, Harmony and Unity

Document created for Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne, a worldwide link for A new education.
March 21st, 2013.