Education 3000
Manifesto for Change

1. Considering

  1. The rapid and global changes in today's children and young people that we observe in their physical, physiological, emotional, cognitive, behavioural, ethical and spiritual development.
  1. The need to adapt current education systems to the capacities of the children and young people of today, both in the way they learn and are, and how they understand and assimilate their world.  
  2. The need for parents and teachers to live the education process in peace, harmony and well being, and improve their quality of life in their homes, schools and society.   
  3. Current global attempts to jointly build a world that is more humane, sympathetic and multicultural.  
  4. The new paradigms that are having an effect on all areas of human development.  


2. We declare  

That we want to join together to promote a new education system that addresses the points made above. These are:

  1. That we want to actively work together on an education system that focuses on children and young people and their immediate needs.
  2. That we aim to construct together, now and wherever we may be, an appropriate education system as well as the tools and aims necessary to build this new system.  
  3. That we are committed to focus on the affective and emotional sides of children, young people and ourselves, a keystone in all development processes
  4. That we will focus on the above and raise global awareness around the world.


3. We invite

3.1 All States, Nations, Ministries of Education and International Organizations committed to working for children, young people and human development, NGOs, Institutions, Associations, Collectives and the people of the world
3.1.1  To join together in harmony and to work on changing the education system, contributing that way to supporting the future of their countries and the planet.
3.1.2  To analyse how to give priority to all of today’s children and young people and those yet to be born in all areas – education, sanitation, society, sports, technology, and the environment.
3.1.3  To promote and implement the Four Pillars of Education as laid out in the UNESCO report from the Task Force on Education for the Twenty-first Century: Learning to know, learning to do, learning to live and learning to be.
3.1.4 To support multidisciplinary research and develop alternative, complementary tools for each individual holistic development.
3.1.5  To recognise that the child’s right to an education starts in the womb and continues throughout life.
3.1.6 To establish a flexible legal framework that gives families and educators the freedom to set up experimental schools or centres and other alternative education models and give them the support they need.

3.2.  Producers and the media
3.2.1  To broadcast and publicise the new characteristics and needs of today’s children, as well as the educational tools required to deal with this new panorama.
3.2.2 To produce, promote and broadcast programmes, products and materials that back up and generate more awareness of this change and to raise the conscience level in the world.


4. We sincerely hope that all people, associations, institution and governments sign this manifesto and actively support it.  
For ourselves
      For our children and young people
            For the new humanity
                  For the planet
This manifesto was prepared by world citizens, met during the International Encounter of the enlace mundial parA una nueva educación (Worldwide Link for a New Education), in Argentina on 3rd August 2008, organized by Pedagooogía 3000, Adhyayana22 – educating ourselves through awareness and Asiri (to date this has been signed by representatives from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Spain, Catalonia, France, Mexico and Peru), and was launched globally on 8th August 2008.