Our P3000 Action Plan is divided into three main phases:
1. Phase 1, 2001 – 2012, preparation and researches
This phase provides training and updated information to adults, balancing their emotions and training them in a comprehensive manner. It promotes applied research, creates multimedia materials and develops a worldwide awareness campaign on the necessity of a new Education.

2. Phase 2, 2013 – 2022, deployment
This phase consists in actively co-creating a new Education with consciousness. It invites everybody to set up transitional schools called 7 Petal Schools. Likewise, it promotes the creation and implementation of systematic comprehensive tools and innovative educational programs, in addition to providing up-dated information, complete trainings and worldwide awareness campaigns. This phase develops technical pedagogical counselling to institutions and governments that request it, and strengthening the “lo-bal” network (“lo-bal” is a compound word, formed by the words local and global, local being first).

3. Phase 3, 2023 – 2051, Socio-Multi-Education
This phase will establish a comprehensive educational system on a large scale, called Socio-Multi-Education, which will enhance an integral development of the human being and the society and will take care of the Planet Earth. It will be based upon people’s experiences, needs and reality. It will be characterized by being genuine, active, protagonist, productive and "lo-bal", in which the acquired and integrated learning will help in all dimensions of life. This phase will contribute actively to the co-building of a cooperative society and new sciences, considering and respecting the ecological, cultural, economic and socio-political environment of the area, as well as emerging ethical paradigms for this millennium.
What is Socio-Multi-Education?
It is an Education with a conscience for the whole planet. It covers all levels of human development and potential. It stems from local reality, from enthusiasm and from everyone’s co-participation. It is a Social Multicultural Education where everything is integrated and interrelated, promoting planetary Peace Culture.

Thus, Socio-Multi-Education consists of multicultural, cross-disciplinary, multi-faceted, comprehensive, active, productive, playful-creative and flexible pedagogical culture. It tends towards a holistic education that addresses, develops, and combines, in harmony and synchronicity, the following seven areas:

  1. Physical and Emotional Health. And preventive health.
  2. Cognitive area and new technologies
  3. Emotional area (social issues, solidarity, peace culture and empathic communication).
  4. Aesthetics and creativity area
  5. Ecology and new energy sources
  6. Community service and sustainable production
  7. Personal development and ethic (or Self-Science).