Noemi Paymal has brought together teams of hundreds of people in order to achieve a common goal: change Education into a more human (e) education, which is more pleasant, more integral, more multicultural, and more fun and aimed at a profound Culture of Peace.
She has collaborated in more than 50 different countries on the 5 continents in the field of applied anthropology and alternative education, which has brought her to meet children, youths, educators, parents, even Presidents, ministers, the Arab League in Cairo, OECD and people such as Deepak Chopra and the ex-president of Uruguay José “Pepe” Mujica.

Between 1990 and 2001, she coordinated projects of social, multicultural and ecological development with the European Commission, the French Commission, PNUD, GEF and UNESCO.
Noemi Paymal started Pedagooogía 3000 in 2001, in Ecuador, together with an international multi-disciplinary team
2003 sees the beginning of tours around the world to let the world know about the new educational paradigm. Up to date, Noemi has hosted events in Germany, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Cuba, Bolivia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, The United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Spain, The USA (including Alaska), Ghana, Guatemala, Greece, France, Finland, India, The UK, Italy, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Morocco, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, The Dominican Republic, Romania, Russia, Syria, Sweden, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan, Turkey, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In 2005, she started a series of publications and media actions, generating up to now 3 e-magazines, radio-shows, production of several TV programmes and 20 videos on the topic of Education and personal development; At the same time, she publishes three volumes of Pedagooogía 3000, 6 mini books on Education, 33 notebooks on applied pedagogy, 7 Petal School books, version 1 and 2, and a scientific book The Children of Today and Tomorrow.
All this material can be found for free on and on YouTube.

In 2008, emAne, Enlace Mundial parA una Nueva Educación, is created, with headquarters in Arica, Chile. 

In 2010, the program called  "Puntos Focales Fractales" (Fractal Focal Points) began. This program established a network of physical and virtual centres of volunteers trained in the topics of the New Integral Education. These official points of reference for Pedagooogía 3000 are present in various countries in Latin America and in expansion in the rest of the world.  There are 64 points at present.
2011 is when an international team of 54 specialist doctors, psychologists and pedagogues support the applied research, through the Scientific Alliances 30 Convention. 

For her work and commitment to a profound Culture of Peace Noemi received the Flag of Peace from Nicolás Roerich and is nominated Ambassador of Peace by the foundations P.E.A y Mil Milenios de Paz in November 2011.

2012 began with the constitution of a network of Certified Facilitators of Pedagooogía 3000, which is a team of people trained to give workshops, talks and official training, and are furthermore prepared to open Academies in various countries. To date 72 Facilitators from 10 different countries graduated. Meanwhile hundreds of schools use Pedagooogía 3000 formally and informally, spontaneously and self-taught.

At university level two open Chairs opened, one in Maracaibo, Venezuela and another in La Plata, Argentina. There is current collaboration with two universities in Mexico (Toluca, Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, and UABC, Universidad Autónoma de Baja California), with the Universidad Mayor de Santiago de Chile and with the UPAL University in   Bolivia, with whom we do research and publications.

In 2013 Asociación 3000 was created in Bolivia, in order to give Pedagooogia 3000 a legal structure, which allows us to effectively complement the emAne Foundation, which is in charge of the World Network. 
Throughout the world, various foundations or associations have been officially created to represent Pedagooogia 3000:  2014 in Argentina, Chile, and Spain; 2016, in Venezuela; 2017, in Mexico.

During May and June 2014, Noemi Paymal toured seven countries of Middle East and North Africa with the Conference theme: Education, a Seed for Peace, where she expressed: “We want for our children and grandchildren, a Comprehensive Education of Peace, of inner Peace and of Peace with our environment, within an integral political multicultural frame and horizontal civilization dialogues. This will help, in a large-scale and in the long run, to achieve the objective of the Alliance of Civilizations and the Millennium Development Goals…”
During this tour, she was invited to give a speech at the Arab League in Cairo on the topic of Education, a Seed for Peace.
In 2015 she launched the Blue Declaration of the children of today and tomorrow for the change in global Education. The ex-president José “Pepe” Mujica, among other personalities, signed this declaration.
Regarding training, Pedagooogia 3000 and emAne signed an agreement with the UNESCO Center Foundation for Human Rights Training, Global Citizenship and Culture of Peace. This results on an e-learning diploma program on Pedagooogia 3000, available for Spanish speaking community with the endorsement of UNESCO.

2015 also marks the beginning of the Worldwide Network of the 7 Petal Schools. Association Gigliopoli, in Sicily is the first one to sign the Convention.  After that Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and Venezuela incorporated as well. To date (2017), 14 countries are interested in participating in said Network. The goal is for each country in the world to have at least one 7 Petal School for reference.

Beginning of 2016, along with Nelly Chavarria, Noemi Paymal designed, developed and implemented a very innovative Program: ‘Post Traumatic Tools 3000’ (PTT3000). This consists of a compilation of educational and therapeutic techniques especially chosen to be easily shared with children, playful and entertaining, easy to replicate, easy to perform and without any costly materials.  With an international team of 4 people, Noemi Paymal went to deliver this program in two refugee camps:  in Turkey, in Sanliurfa, Akçakale and Suruç, with the International Blue Crescent, then in Lebanon, both in Beirut, in the Ouzai Centre and in the Bekaa Camp, with Beyond Association. In Lebanon, they certified 13 teachers with the tools and worked with 95 Syrian refugee children, ages 7 to 14, with immediate results for 82% of them. The whole program is based on anti-stress techniques and post-traumatic healing. Teachers, parents and children living in difficult situation, can benefit from it.
In November 2016, Noemi Paymal was invited to speak at the GLOBAL CHANGE LEADERS ALLIANCE, in Beijing, on the topic of Education.

Photo: Noemi with Syrian refugee children in Turkey, March 2016
And the Peace Campaign 2016 “I can choose... I choose Peace”

In 2016, The Social and Solidarity Platform of Pedagooogía 3000 and the Program Post Trauma 3000 began, with children from Syria, refugees in Turkey and Lebanon. Later, with
Nelly Chavarría Licón, President of  Asociación Educadores para la Paz en México, the International Campaign PEACE 3000 “I can choose... I choose Peace”, in which an international team cooperates is launched. The program is also implemented in Argentina, Chile, Mexico and Bolivia.

In December 2016 the leadership program for Youths, called Youth 3000 (Jóvenes 3000) started on the Isla del Sol, Bolivia, with the youth Khalil Bascary and youths of 7 different countries.