Our Organization

1. Organization
2. Institutes, Research and Academies
3. Networks and 7 Petal Schools
4. emAne
5.  Five continents and Social Solidal Platform
6. Production and distribution of Multimedia Material
7. The Goal: the children, the Earth, the Socio-Multi-Education and planetary awareness raising

Let us dream
Let us dream, please don’t put out the fire in our hearts.
Let our gifts and conscience live.
Please, dream with us. Dreaming our childhood is the essence of our innocence and the highest virtue on Earth.
Dreams are a way of connecting all the plans.
Please, don’t let us lose our conscious contact with ourselves.
This is our plea, our dream for humanity...  Let us...  Support us...
                         The Children and Young People of Today and Tomorrow.

Photo: 2nd meeting with Jóvenes 3000 (Youth 3000) , Samaipata, Bolivia, march 2017, with Khalil Bascary