In Latin America and other continents a re-evolutionary pilot plan is being implemented. This is called the “International Network of the 7 Petals Schools” based on the programs of Pedagooogia 3000.


Illustration: the 7 areas of the 7 Petal Schools, by Amalur Arquitectos, Valencia, Spain.

The 7 Petal Schools are organized in 7 pedagogical areas which are intertwined and complementary. These areas, divided into colours, are the following:

  • Area of physical wellbeing and sports (blue). Promotes Physical Education every day, with all kinds of dances and sports.
  • Cognitive area (yellow). Articulated and contextualized, along with a high academic level. Enables divergent thinking, logical-mathematical thinking, FLASH reading, ITC, social networks and provides activities online.
  • Emotional and multi-cultural area (pink). Includes Social Science, multi-culturality, Culture of Peace and Non-Violent Communication.
  • Area of the Arts and Creativity (white). Uses all means of creative expression.
  • Area of ecology (green). Studies ecology profoundly in all its forms and the implementation of ‘free’ renewable energy.
  • Area of the applied sciences and workshops (red). Allows doing productive projects of the children and youths in a real-life context (Hands on).
  • Area of personal development (purple). Enhances the internal potential, ethics, values and Purpose in Life.

The 7 Petal Schools aspire to contribute to a lasting Culture of Peace and to promote a profound well-being, interior as well as exterior, for all.

A global educational  re-evolution
These 7 Petal Schools represent a radical change, which breaks with all the previously established paradigms.  It is innovative because all the students are formed in a planetary-interconnected vision of Peace and prepares them in order to co-construct a solidary, ecological and multi-cultural society.

In these schools practical tools for self-development are promoted, where different cultures are understood and accepted. Peace is promoted – with one self , the others and the Planet- honouring the past, fully taking on the present and projecting the future in a concrete, positive and solidal manner.

7 Petals
An evolutionary-educational leap for the World
Happy and responsable children
Teachers free of stress
Loving and pro-active parents
A Peaceful Society
A Green Planet

What is the result of this 7 Petals program?
At the end of the program the students find themselves really prepared  and exploit their potential to the full.  We will have youths that:

  • Can use various languages, know different cultures and various alphabets
  • Are experts in the use of computers, fair Economy and Social Sciences.
  • Know real life and are able to concretely manage any of their projects.
  • Adequately handle their Emotional Intelligence.
  • Have a clear view on their purpose in life.
  • Live Culture of Peace and Non-Violent Communication.
  • Have the ability to constructively insert themselves as citizens of the world and contribute in a significant manner to Lo-bal Peace
  • Are happy and fulfilled, as well as responsible and pro-active.  They use their creativity, ability to think laterally, diplomacy and Inter and Intra personal intelligence  to the fullest.

Are able to concretely participate in the co-creation of a new society.

Illustration: Architectural proposal for the 7 Petal Schools in Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Dubai

Illustration: The 7 Petal School by Architect Claudio Luchessi, Urban Future Organization, Italy